With the Carolina Panthers looking towards another quarterback, a new head coach and the Los Angeles Chargers parting ways with their 16-year veteran quarterback Philip Rivers, Cam Newton seems destined thunderbolt his way into Chargers sky blue and white.

Is Cam Newton a better quarterback than Philip Rivers?

Philip Rivers doesn’t get hurt, as his ability to maintain his health is something people shouldn’t turn their nose to as he’s started 224 consecutive games, second-most by an NFL quarterback (behind Brett Favre, 297).

The Chargers have the 6th round draft pick and I don’t see them drafting someone who can’t give them stability in the pocket. Newton is only 30 years old, a former Heisman Trophy winner and an NFL MVP who actually appeared in a Super Bowl.

With nine seasons under his belt, Newton has amassed 29,041 passing yards, 182 touchdowns, and 108 interceptions. On the ground, he has compiled 4,806 yards and 58 touchdowns on 934 carries

Newton has been in the league since 2011 and has only started all 16 games 5 times through that tenure, while only one since his 2015 MVP season (99.4) has he elevated his passer rating above 90, and that was only last year(94.2) where they collapsed miserably.


The Chargers will likely aim to strengthen their offensive line with that draft pick or defensive side of the ball on the linebacker end, so I can’t see them drafting a starting quarterback. If Chargers do strengthen that front line it’ll be better for Cam as he had a foot injury last year that sidelined him for almost the entire season.

Or we could be completely shocked and they might start Tyrod Taylor or they could even go after Justin Herbert who I’ve heard is pretty mobile and a legit college quarterback heading into the draft from Oregon. Sounds possible right? I don’t see either one of these things happening. Cam will play for the Chargers.

Just think with the Chargers moving into their new stadium (SoFi) it’ll generate great buzz to drive traffic to the stadium and hell who knows maybe he might feel at home in Hollyweird with his ridiculous attire/costumes. It’s a perfect fit.