Vince McMahon Emotional After MLK Tribute

    It’s no secret to those who’ve paid attention to professional wrestling for decades that Vince McMahon is the true ‘King of the Ring’. It certainly peaks interests and becomes a treat for fans of the professional wrestling business and those who pay attention to pop culture as he’s been such a well known figure for such a long time. As fans we appreciate when we get a mere momentary glimpse into McMahon’s individuality. In spite of Vince McMahon being a prominent figure on and off television for decades, little is known about the true day to day makeup and disposition of the man himself, it’s almost secretive. There’s hundreds of…

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    2021 NFL AFC North Predictions

    2021 AFC North Predictions. The 2021 season is vital to Lamar Jackson and the Ravens. Jackson will only have one more year left on his contract after this year, which means that the Ravens will most likely offer an extension in the next six to eight months.

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    2021 AFC East Predictions

    2021 AFC East Predictions. The 2021 NFL Season is upon us and for the first time every NFL team will play 17 regular season games. The Buffalo Bills had a breakout season in 2020. The Bills season ended in Kansas City, after a loss to the Chiefs in the AFC Championship game.

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    Is Pat Summitt the Greatest Coach in NCAA History?

    In my mind college sports is the only arena where athletes/players are not the actual stars of their respective teams, it’s the actual head coach who is more prominent with celebrity moreso than just being the figurehead of the team. The obvious reasons are because of their longevity in the position, their pay, their effect on the game and their lasting impact from where they started on the game itself. The following series will attempt to answer the question that nags at people during the most most heated of arguments when we’re around the water cooler. Who is the greatest coach in all off NCAA Division 1 sports history? Pat…

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    2021 MVP Predictions List

    The 2021 season will go down as one of the most memorable seasons in NFL history as this is the first 17 game season. We could see longstanding records absolutely demolished. As records get broken, the beneficiaries will be the quarterbacks. We start with our 2021 MVP Predictions, with an incredibly stacked field of candidates .

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    The Definitive 2021 NFL QB Draft Rankings 1-5

    The 2020 college season will be remembered for extraordinary circumstances the season took place under. The pandemic forced games to be canceled, take place with limited crowds, and some players didn't even play. This makes for the most interesting scouting season ever. It's not uncommon for good NFL teams to have bad drafts, but this year NFL teams are working with a half-painted picture. NFL teams will draft players based off of a handful of games and hope they don't blow it.