The Number 1 Problem with Russell Wilson

    So, what’s wrong with Russell Wilson? The answer may be in what led the Seattle Seahawks to trade their former franchise Quarterback. Wilson was an MVP candidate in the first half of the 2020 season and he threw a career high 40 touchdowns. The Seahawks season ended in disappointment with Russell Wilson struggling the second half of the season, ending in a home playoff loss to an injured Los Angeles Rams team. Part of the issue with the Seahawks is that Russell Wilson and the Seattle coaching staff became frustrated with each other. Wilson’s ability to extend and generate big plays rivaled every other quarterback in the NFL. Russell Wilson…

  • Von miller

    Breaking: Text Messages Reveal Von Miller Prayed for Fiance to Miscarry Their Baby

    The former face of the NFL, Superbowl MVP and current Denver Bronco, Von Miller looks to be in deep shit, especially from a public image standpoint. Miller finds himself in this situation after a woman named Megan Denise, who is now his former fiance, and a former stripper, revealed troubling statements the couple have shared via texts messages and Instagram. These texts got very heated as they were speaking about their child which became extremely evident that Miller doesn’t want her to have his child going as far to say, “I’m honestly praying for a miscarriage.” After the release, Miller wrote on his Instagram Story that this is all “fake news, lol.” He added,…