We are less than one month from the 2020 NFL Draft. It’s time once again for FinFlam to take a shot at predicting the 1st 10 Selections in the 1st Round. Our Mock Draft 2.0 keeps in line with our Mock Draft 1.0, with the exception of one massive trade at pick 9, where a playoff team from 2019 drafts its QB of the Future.

Overall, 3 projected selections are changed from our first mock draft with those being picks, 8, 9, and 10.

Here is our NFL Mock Draft 2.0

Round 1 Pick 1: Cincinnati Bengals – Joe Burrow – QB, LSU

No change from our Mock Draft 1.0

Joe Burrow is the obvious pick, he was the best QB in college football last year. Burrow’s year rivaled that of Cam Newton’s 2010-11 Heisman Year. Joe Burrow’s two years at LSU include an average to slightly above average year and a Heisman winning, dominant year. The jump Burrow took was massive and could be cause for concern. Tua Tagovailoa could be an option here, but I believe the Bengals will go with Joe Burrow based on his outstanding showing in 2019 and clean bill of health.

Round 1 Pick 2: Washington Redskins – Chase Young – EDGE, Ohio State

Washington should take Chase Young, but I don’t think it’s a slam dunk. The regime that drafted Dwayne Haskins is no longer in place and Tua has franchise QB potential. That being said, Chase Young is an instant impact player and helps Washington immediately. If Haskins struggles this year, Washington may very well end up in the same spot next year. Next year’s draft class will most likely contain Justin Fields and Trevor Lawrence. The key to this pick will be the team’s belief (or lack thereof) in Dwayne Haskins or belief in Tua’s talent and health.

Round 1 Pick 3: Miami Dolphins via Trade (Projection) with Detroit Lions – Tua Tagovailoa – QB, Alabama

No change from our Mock Draft 1.0

There has been speculation that the Detroit Lions could keep their pick and select Tua Tagovailoa. My guess is that this is to drum up interest for a potential trade. Matthew Stafford’s contract will be hard to move, meaning Detroit would have to eat a ton of money to trade or cut Stafford. My initial prediction is that the Dolphins will use some of their assets to get the QB of their choice. Justin Herbert has been linked to the Dolphins, but if the medicals check out, I expect Tua to end up with Miami, even if they have use assets to get him.

Round 1 Pick 4: New York Giants – Jeff Okudah – CB, Ohio State

No change from our mock draft 1.0

Jeff Okudah is the best CB coming into this year’s draft. The expectation is that a team like Detroit will select Okudah due to the Lions trade of Darius Slay to the Eagles. Also, Isaiah Simmons makes all the sense in the world for the New York Giants. Simmons is the most versatile player in this year’s draft. I have the Giants going with Jeff Okudah mainly because of Joe Judge’s background. Judge comes from the Patriots, which built their defense around their DBs. Jeff Okudah could be the Stephon Gilmore of New York’s revamped defense.

Round 1 Pick 5: Detroit Lions via Trade (Projection) with Miami Dolphins – Isaiah Simmons – S/LB, Clemson

No change from our Mock Draft 1.0

It’s reasonable to think that Jeff Okudah will be high on the Detroit Lions’ wish-list, especially if a Darius Slay trade happens before the draft. With Okudah going off the board one pick before, I see the Lions going with Isaiah Simmons. His versatility will help improve Detroit’s pass and run defense, which will help turn around their defense faster.

Round 1 Pick 6: Los Angeles Chargers – Jordan Love – QB, Utah State

No change from our Mock Draft 1.0

This is my first shocker of the draft. Justin Herbert is considered a more developed prospect than Jordan Love. Herbert would make all the sense in the world for the Chargers as they move on from Philip Rivers. The biggest prediction I have for the 2020 draft is that Jordan Love is taken in the top 10. My gut feeling is that some team will see his pure talent and go up to get him. Love is a tough QB to judge as his talent and some of his tape is undeniable. His turnovers and decision making has been questioned, but I believe a good coaching staff can help eliminate some of those habits. A team will talk themselves into Jordan Love. The reasoning being that better coaching and better players will bring out his full potential.

Round 1 Pick 7: Carolina Panthers – Derrick Brown – DL, Auburn

No change from our Mock Draft 1.0

The Panthers could be a candidate to trade back, but with an aging defensive line, I think they go with Derrick Brown. Brown is considered the best interior defensive lineman this draft.

Round 1 Pick 8: Arizona Cardinals – Javon Kinlaw – DL, South Carolina

This is a change from CeeDee Lamb as the Cardinals have made a trade for DeAndre Hopkins. Trading for Hopkins gives the Cardinals a ton of flexibility with this pick, which can help them improve the 2019’s 32nd ranked defense. The Cardinals now decide to help their Interior Defensive Line by drafting Javon Kinlaw. Kinlaw immediately helps improve one of the league’s worst defenses.  

Round 1 Pick 9: Green Bay Packers Via Trade (Projection) with Jacksonville Jaguars  – Justin Herbert – QB, Oregon

The Packers have Aaron Rodgers under contract through 2024. Green Bay can’t move on Rodgers, until at least 2022. With that being said, the Green Bay Packers make the most stunning trade of the 1st Round and trade up for QB, Justin Herbert. The Jaguars’ future is up in the air with the expectation of an overhaul next offseason. The Jaguars make a trade with the Packers to get future assets for an expected new regime. Green Bay is in a difficult spot as Rodgers is 36 and had durability issues in recent years. The 1st time the Packers can move on from Rodgers is the 2022 offseason. My expectation is for the Packers to take a QB in the next 2 years. Next years’ QB draft Class is top heavy with both Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields expected to be taken in the Top 2 or 3 in 2021. In this event, history repeats itself and as Green Bay takes a QB years before they need one. Almost an exact replay of what happened with Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers in 2005. Justin Herbert has the classic look of a top QB and my belief is that Green Bay will bank on Herbert’s physical traits. Lastly, I believe Jordan Love could be an option if he is the QB still around at this point. 

Round 1 Pick 10: Cleveland Browns – Mekhi Becton – OT, Louisville

This is a change from our mock draft 1.0 as we had Jedrick Wills as the first offensive lineman being drafted. Mekhi Becton was a 3 year starter at Louisville, primarily at Left Tackle. Becton started 10 games at Right Tackle as Freshman. Becton would go on to start and play in 23 of Louisville’s next 24 games with 21 starts coming at Left Tackle.