From the moment the football season commenced, several wide receivers have continued to dominate the gridiron, pushing the game’s limits to new heights. None, however, have managed to outshine Philadelphia Eagles’ wide receiver AJ Brown with perhaps the only notable exception being Tyreek Hill.

Analyzing their stats and performance on the field, I’m compelled to conclude that AJ Brown is indeed a massive force to be reckoned with, proving himself as the strategic tool for the team and the formidable challenge for opponents.

Brown’s consistency throughout the first nine games he has appeared in this year alone has been nothing short of remarkable. He’s a 5-year veteran whose averaged over a thousand yards in at least four of those 5 years.

Over 6 of the games of 9 games this year Brown garnered 707 yards, averaging over 117 yards respectfully. An amazing feat considering most of those teams have really good defenses (Jets, Commanders) and those teams were mainly either sitting at .500 or above .500 at the time he played against them.

Even when faced with harsh competition and intense pressure, and extreme degree of difficulty Brown has exhibited professionalism and stamina, cementing his position in the league.

Pro Football Focus ranks AJ Brown as one of the best wide receivers in the league, demonstrating an incredible appreciation for his skillset. Similarly, CBS Sports’ most recent rankings for the season have placed Brown among the top five wide receivers in the NFL, validating his value at the national level.

Where do you put AJ Brown amongst the best receivers of the league?