Justin Fields

Justin Fields was the most important 2021 Draft Selection in the 2021 NFL Draft. Fields not only gives the Chicago Bears hope, but his arrival in Chicago changes the future of the NFC.

The Bears selection of Justin Fields was my favorite pick in this year’s draft by any team. I had Fields as the number one QB of the 2021 draft class. Chicago traded a 2022 first round selection to move up, but I believe the return will be more than worth it. Drafting Fields with the eleventh pick was tremendous value for the Chicago Bears. Nothing is more important than securing the quarterback of your team, meanwhile the trade isn’t going to hamstring the Bears long-term.

The Chicago Bears have never had a 4000 yard passer or had a QB throw for 30 touchdowns. This seems like almost an impossible feat in today’s NFL. For reference, Blake Bortles threw for 35 touchdowns in 2015 and we all know he’s not any good.

Justin Fields faces an uphill climb, but I believe in his talent. Fields was a talented as any quarterback in this draft and had the on-field production to back up the hype.

When we evaluate physical traits, college production, and scheme fit, Justin Fields is easily the best pick in this draft. Fields possess great speed for his position and arm strength to make every throw. This quarterback can win inside and outside the pocket. Extending plays inside the pocket is a necessity in today’s NFL.

The Chicago Bears run a similar offense to the Kansas City Chiefs, this offense is built to hide a quarterback’s weaknesses and amplify their strengths. Bears coach Matt Nagy was Andy Reid’s offensive coordinator in 2017, when the Chiefs drafted Patrick Mahomes. The Andy Reid offense is known to be complex, which is one of the reasons Fields could sit to start the year.

I believe this would be Nagy’s preference as they develop Fields, but Andy Dalton isn’t as good as 2017 Alex Smith. Dalton also hasn’t been the starter or in the system as long as Alex Smith had been with the Kansas City Chiefs. The Andy Reid offense at it’s core is an offense that elevates the quarterback’s play.

A good quarterback, such as Alex Smith, can consistently get a team to the playoffs. A great quarterback, like Patrick Mahomes, will always put the team in the mix for championships.

There is reason for optimism if Fields has to play quickly, coach Matt Nagy has never had a losing season and he was stuck with Mitch Trubisky as his starter. Nagy also won games started by Chase Daniel and Nick Foles, in his first three years with the Bears.

This is why Justin Fields will play in 2021, it’s just a matter of when and how comfortable he feels in the offense.

The NFC North could be up for grabs as the future of Aaron Rodgers, is uncertain. Rodgers leaving would open the door for Justin Fields and the Chicago Bears, to supplant Green Bay as the powerhouse of the NFC North.

Justin Fields Catapults The Chicago Bears

Here’s why:

The Minnesota Vikings are stuck with Kirk Cousins, which means they’ll be in contention for the playoffs, but inevitably lose to teams that are more talented at quarterback. The Detroit Lions are rebuilding and I don’t believe Jared Goff is the long-term solution at QB.

This leaves the Chicago Bears, who have a solid roster. The Bears defense won’t be as a good as it has been the last few years, especially with the loss of Kyle Fuller at cornerback. They do have veterans, such as Khalil Mack and Akiem Hicks on the defensive line. Roquan Smith is a really good young linebacker in the middle of the defense. Defensive backs Jaylon Johnson and Eddie Jackson are two really good pieces to have with the loss of Kyle Fuller.

On offense, Justin Fields gets to throw to Allen Robinson, who is one of the best receivers in the NFL. Fields also has Darnell Mooney and Cole Kmet, who look to be promising receiving options, both heading into their second year. David Montgomery is the best running back who doesn’t get talked about and Tariq Cohen is returning from a torn ACL. The offensive line has a solid interior with James Daniel and Cody Whitehair. Chicago might be starting two rookie tackles, in Tevin Jenkins and Larry Borom, but Fields has enough mobility to compensate for their inexperience.

The Green Bay Packers losing Aaron Rodgers could change everything as they go from contender to an unknown. Jordan Love would be thrust into action and no one would know what to expect. I could be wrong, but I think we would heard more about him from the Green Bay’s front office. When it came to Patrick Mahomes or Justin Herbert, those teams couldn’t wait to tell you how good they were.

The Bears would be the biggest benefactor of a Rodgers trade, due to the selection of Justin Fields.

My prediction as of right now is that Rodgers gets traded, my guess would be Denver or Las Vegas. The second half of my prediction is that the Bears make a surprise appearance in the NFC Championship game appearance.

Justin Fields is the Most Important 2021 Draft selection, Justin Fields will be the catalyst for the Chicago Bears resurgence in the NFC.