Tom Brady signaled to me and the world in that cryptic tweet that his exit from Gillette Stadium is legitimate. Now if you put 1+1 together his tweet depicts what two colors? Grey and Black!

What makes it even more interesting is that Brady was seen hanging out with Raiders owner Mark Davis during a recent MMA fight in Las Vegas where even President of the UFC Dana White said the rumors have “legs”. Derrick Carr who’s been with the Raiders since 2014 commented on the speculation.

“I mean, there was a lot of quarterbacks at that fight,” Carr told ESPN’s Paul Gutierrez. “And there was a lot of football players at that fight that are free agents. And it’s like, every time, with my job, it’s always a story. No matter what. And knowing some people that were around, I even know what the conversation was [between Davis and Brady], and it’s like, ‘C’mon, man, when’s it going to end?'”

However, speculation was running wild as false reports of Brady purchasing a house in las vegas amped up Raider’s speculation for the future Hall of Famer. Let’s be fair he also bought a home in Florida 2 months ago & has a home in Los Angeles, with a couple of houses in the Boston-New York area and one overseas. So one could say Tom’s either playing for the Dolphins, Buccaneers, Jags, or Jets, right?

As a Chiefs fan, I think I’d still be wary of playing against Tom as opposed to Carr who has never been the same since his injury. It would also make it even more competitive as I think Brady will try and come back with a vengeance and make a run for another championship, that’s the obvious goal. Kansas City will still be that dominating team in AFC West and AFC Conference nonetheless.

If you look at Carrs’ contract he’s going to make over $40 million in the next two seasons, so having Brady on your roster with a similar contract as Carrs’ for 2-3 years isn’t a bad idea. Then in his swan song, they can draft a QB to be groomed under him which would be beneficial for all parties.

Now could you imagine all the free agents who’d like to catch passes from Brady while saving taxes? Think of how many tickets would sell in Vegas if the Raiders somehow signed Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski with a comeback, and OBJ?

Las Vegas’ odds improved to 9-1 on Thursday, making the Raiders the third most likely landing spot for Brady behind the Chargers (4-1) and Patriots.

Former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky shares my sentiments, “I think he’s going to the Raiders,” Orlovsky said on ESPN. “Connect the dots. OK, dominant offensive line. Like, really good offensive line in Las Vegas, OK? Tyrell Williams, a good young receiver. (Darren) Waller, really good, young tight end. Josh Jacobs, they can run the football. They’ve got the 12th pick in the draft and everyone knows this is an incredibly deep wide receiver class. You can get another piece. This could be a really enticing opportunity for Tom Brady to go to Vegas and kickstart that organization and start his branding of himself. They’ve got a lot of pieces out there.”

The black hole in Las Vegas just may be the house Tom Brady built. Jon Gruden has to win now otherwise his 7 years left will mean nothing when Mark Davis fires him because we all know the Davis family threshold for patience gets thin quick. Gruden is making a whopping $10 million a year so he really needs to make a really strong push for the playoffs and get far.