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It’s no secret to those who’ve paid attention to professional wrestling for decades that Vince McMahon is the true ‘King of the Ring’.

It certainly peaks interests and becomes a treat for fans of the professional wrestling business and those who pay attention to pop culture as he’s been such a well known figure for such a long time. As fans we appreciate when we get a mere momentary glimpse into McMahon’s individuality.

In spite of Vince McMahon being a prominent figure on and off television for decades, little is known about the true day to day makeup and disposition of the man himself, it’s almost secretive.

There’s hundreds of stories about how brilliant McMahon is, the ruthlessness he has in business practices, his ability to be cutthroat, the mere machine he is day in and day out, but there aren’t many stories you hear about the man that make his armor appear to be “kinked”.

Vince McMahon

Recently former WWE writer Kazeem Famuyide gave a brief description of a story involving Vince McMahon’s affection for civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King. Vince McMahon has previously stated that his heroes were his father Vincent J. McMahon and Dr. Martin Luther King.

Famuyide went on to give his description on Twitter of the special moment.

Say what you want about McMahon but he certainly loves his country and believe it or not actually has a heart. It’s certainly shows to me that the tribute video and the man himself Martin Luther King truly means something to Vince McMahon.

McMahon is one my heroes, he came from nothing, was raised in a trailer park, dirt poor, he was abused, nearly beaten to death by his stepdad, has been a failure in certain ventures of business outside of WWE, but has had the drive and the foresight to continue to grow the WWE amidst everything into what it has become today.

Regardless of what you say about the current product, there is only one Vincent Kennedy McMahon and without him and the blood, sweat and tears of the performers the business of professional wrestling would not exist.