Just days after his 42nd birthday the former NFL wide receiver will try out as a kicker for the XFL, yes I said kicker. He has accepted the actual offer from the new reborn league of Vince Mcmahon.

It has not been made public whether or not he’s trying out for the league as a while or any specific team. The league’s training camp started on January 4th and ends January 22nd so they don’t have much time to figure it out as the league starts the week after the Superbowl. His goal I to return to the NFL and banking on getting signed by the NFL if he’s consistent.

Johnson’s career last 11 seasons in the NFL where he spent 9 seasons with Bengals and the rest with New England.

It’s been 8 years since he played professional football however it’s not out of the ordinary for Johnson to make this switch to the position given that in December he made a 60-yard field goal.