The XFL came to an end yesterday as it capped off a 10-week season that featured many great players, veteran and rookie coaches, and fan bases that stood by their teams through the thick and thin.

With it’s conclusion we were also introduced to a bunch of modernized rules that should be adapted by the NFL this upcoming season.

To the leagues players, personnel and fans we made history.

Congratulations to the XFL players for playing their hardest and chasing their dreams with the opportunity provided to them by the XFL.

I’m not sure what today holds for the players heading back to regular life for those who didn’t make the playoffs, but I wish them the best of luck and hopefully, we’ll see them in the NFL this upcoming season or perhaps we may see them next year in the XFL 2024.

There are people in this league that stood out above and beyond their contemporaries by either a small margin or by a wide gap that has cemented their spot in history with the following awards.

I’d like to thank the league for…

XFL Awards

Special Teams Player:

  • Darius Shepherd (STL)

Honorable mention: Parker Romo (SA)

Coach of The Year:

  • Reggie Barlow (DC)

Honorable mention: Anthony Becht (STL), Jim Haslett

Defensive Player of The Year:

  • Jordan Williams (SA)

Honorable mention: Trent Harris (Hou)

Offensive Player of The Year:

  • AJ McCarron (STL) 68.8% completion rate, 24 TD, 6 INT

Honorable mention: Jordan Ta’Amu (DC), Ben Dinucci (SEA)

All XFL Team:

  • Seattle Sea Dragons (7-3)

Honorable mention: DC Defenders (9-1), St Louis BattleHawks (7-3)

XFL Play of The Year:

  • AJ “Magic” McCarron comeback sequence versus San Antonio Brahmas week 1 with TD, 3 point conversion, 4th and 15 conversion to finish it off with a TD for the win.

Honorable mention: Ben Dinucci pass to Josh Gordon for game winning TD versus Vegas

Best Performance

  • AJ McCarron versus Orlando Guardians week 10 – 420 passing yards, 6 TD, 28/35 passing attempts

Honorable mention: Quinton Dormady versus the DC Defenders Week 7 – 328 passing yards, 3 TD, 3 Rushing TD, 27/34 passing attempts

Best Wide Receiver

  • Jahcour Pearson (SEA) 670 yards, 4 TD, 60/84 Receptions

Honorable mention: Hakeem Butler

Best Tight End

  • Cody Latimer (ORL) 593 yards, 4 TD, 50/66 Receptions

Honorable mention: Sal Canella

Best Running Back

  • Abram Smith (DC) 778 yards, 7 TD, 156 Rushing Attempts

Honorable mention: Jacques Patrick,

XFL Sack Leader

  • Trent Harris (Hou) 9.5 Sacks

Honorable mention: Delontae Scott

XFL Game of The Year: Orlando Finally Wins!

  • The undefeated vs the winless: DC Defenders vs Orlando Guardians

If this is what we got for year one of XFL 3.0, I’m sure I’m not the only one who can’t wait for next season. Let’s hope that the North and South conference championship games this week deliver on a high note.

Whichever team comes out victorious in the XFL Championship game, perhaps some of those players can add a Lombardi trophy with it this upcoming NFL season.