While Tom Brady, Dan Marino, John Elway, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees Terry Bradshaw, Roger Staunch and Brett Favre to name a few are all legendary quarterbacks, Montana stands alone as the greatest ever.

I think it’s only fair that the only quarterback that Joe Montana should even be compared with in the same breath is none other than Tom Brady, And that’s no disrespect to the great Terry Bradshaw.

Joe Montana vs Tom Brady

Joe Montana was widely considered to be the greatest quarterback of all time for over 30 years by many up until recently when something new and shiny came along in the name of Tom Brady, and it’s not hard to see why. Tom has also had a record-breaking career which may go unmatched by any other quarterback in history.

Brady’s accomplishments are absolutely insane, seven super bowl wins, with 5 super bowl MVP’s, 3 NFL MVP’s, 10 super bowl appearances and 102,614 yard including playoffs.

Now with that said the people may not want to hear it, but the first three super bowls will always be under scrutiny for allegedly cheating, which in my opinion disqualifies him automatically as number one all the time.

Mike Francesa explains why Brady isn’t the greatest quarterback of all time while claiming he is no doubt great.

Let’s also not forget, the rules were changed to protect people like Tom Brady not just quarterbacks but flagship quarterbacks they can make money with. You can’t even touch the quarterback now, God forbid you breathe on them It’s a flag.

Brady’s accomplishments may be unmatched, but it’s only unmatched until it’s beaten by somebody else who comes along as a once in a lifetime type of talent, who’s even shinier than Tom Brady.

Therefore, the goal post gets pushed further back for a subjective false justification in favor of their own quarterback.

Although Montana’s career stats aren’t as impressive as they once were, four Super Bowl wins and 0 losses, three Super Bowl MVP awards, and two NFL MVP awards speak for themselves. And if we’re being honest with each other, Montana should have gotten his fourth super bowl MVP.

In three of those super bowl wins Montana defeated three straight reigning and defending NFL MVP’s, Ken Anderson (Cin), Dan Marino (Mia), and Boomer Esiason (Cin), while in 1990 Montana defended his own MVP in the super bowl that year against John Elway and the Denver Broncos winning his fourth and final ring and 3rd super bowl MVP.

If we’re being honest, Montana should have won his fourth super bowl MVP not his third. Montana possesses the highest super bowl passer rating ever with 127.8 versus Brady’s 97.7. His six 300-yard passing performances in the post-season are an NFL record.

Montana along with Terry Bradshaw are the only two players in the NFL history for most wins In a super bowl without a loss according to Sportskeeda.


His ability to stay calm under pressure was legendary, and he was the master of the two-minute drill. Joe Montana is, without a doubt, the greatest quarterback of all time.

My list of the greatest quarterbacks of all time goes in this specific order; Joe Montana, Tom Brady, John Elway, Brett Favre, Dan Marino.

Quartebacks on The Rise

When I say quarterbacks on the rise, I mean quarterbacks who have already established themselves as a great leader and winner who still have a higher trajectory for their careers because of the work they’re doing now.

This does not include a quarterback like Aaron Rodgers who in my opinion has become a huge flop who possesses decent talent. I hear all the time that Aaron Rodgers is the greatest passer of all time, Bologna! Dan Marino is the greatest pure passer in the history of professional football, Don’t believe me? Do your homework kiddos.

Patrick Mahomes is 100% one of those quarterbacks who has just slaughtered the competition with the exception of Tom Brady. He has repeatedly transformed his game and elevated it to a degree to make him and his team champions over and over.

Trevor Lawrence is another one of those quarterbacks after last season who got in his own way but at the end of it showed what he was truly made of as they made a great push in the playoffs with he and Doug Peterson leading that team. Those two men can elevate each other to a level that no other quarterback duo can do with the exception of Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid.

Joe Burrow possesses every tool you need as a quarterback and much more, he’s that damn great. Joe borrow isn’t the problem though, it’s his organization and his teammates who will get in his way of becoming successful to a level he aims for.

Deshaun Watson Was and Is that dude! Whatever happened off the field is none of my business, but because of what happened off the field got in the way of him progressing his abilities on the field. There is no doubt he has all the talent in the world to defeat any quarterback he wants to. This man is a winner, he will win!