It’s no secret that the Los Angeles Chargers have found their franchise quarterback in Justin Herbert. Is Justin Herbert the highest-paid quarterback?

After bursting onto the NFL three years ago with a record-breaking rookie campaign, Herbert has been rewarded with a massive new contract extension that will keep him in LA for years to come.

Herbert and the Chargers agreed to an extension reportedly worth $262.5 million, with an average salary of $52.5 million over five years good through to the 2029 season. The contract includes a no trade clause. He is now the highest paid quarterback in the NFL!

With every big contract comes both pros and cons. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the details of Herbert’s new deal and evaluate both the positives and negatives it brings for the Chargers moving forward.

The Justin Herbert Pro’s

First and foremost, locking up Justin Herbert for the foreseeable future gives the Chargers extreme stability at the quarterback position. This is a position that many teams struggle to find consistency in, and the Chargers have hit the jackpot with Herbert.

By signing him to a long-term deal, the team can focus their attention on building around him rather than worrying about who will be under center each week.

Another pro of Herbert’s new contract is that it reflects his immense potential. The young quarterback has only scratched the surface of what he can do on the field, and the team clearly believes in his ability to lead them to success for years to come.

The massive money invested in him is a testament to that confidence and could motivate Herbert to continue growing as a player and leader.

Finally, Herbert’s new deal could spark a positive culture shift within the Chargers organization. In a league where quarterback contracts often cause drama and unrest among players and management, the fact that Herbert’s extension was a smooth and amicable process could set a tone of collaboration and teamwork for the future.

The Justin Herbert Con’s

One of the biggest concerns with Herbert’s new contract is the potential for a financial burden on the team down the road.

While Herbert’s salary might seem reasonable now, it could become a major hindrance in the future if he doesn’t continue to develop into a top-tier quarterback. If the Chargers are paying him elite money without elite performance, it could hamstring their ability to make other necessary moves and signings.

Another potential drawback of Herbert’s new deal is the pressure it could place on him to perform. While some players thrive under pressure, others crumble under the weight of expectations and sky-high salaries.

If Herbert becomes too focused on living up to his contract rather than playing his best football, it could negatively impact his on-field performance and ultimately hurt the team’s chances to win.

Finally, the length of Herbert’s contract could be a con as well. While it’s great to have stability at the quarterback position, committing to a young player for so many years carries inherent risk. If Herbert doesn’t pan out or suffers a significant injury, the team would be financially obligated to continue paying him for years without the benefit of his services on the field.

Final Take

Overall, Justin Herbert’s new contract with the Los Angeles Chargers is both exciting and potentially concerning for the team and fans alike. While it brings extreme stability and reflects the quarterback’s potential, there are also valid concerns about the financial burden it could pose, the pressure it could put on Herbert’s shoulders, and the long-term commitment the team is making.

Only time will tell if this deal will be a win for the Chargers in the long run, but there’s no denying that all eyes will be on Herbert and his performance on the field moving forward.