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Ron Rivera will be addressed in just a second, but first allow me to premise this article with full disclosure, I’m a Kansas City Chiefs fan, born and raised, but I’ve been a Washington football fan for some time.

Ron Rivera

Rivera cost the Washington Commanders it’s football season.

I’m not sure how or why any organization believes Carson Wentz is still a good quarterback, he just isn’t it.

For several years now the Commanders have had their quarterback on their roster and have ignored him, that quarterback is Taylor Heinicke.

Heinicke has consistently played well with the exception of a few bad throws but none egregiously bad as many others quarterbacks in the league.

FedEx Field in Washington DC home of the Washington Commanders.

There’s no doubt he’s the consummate professional, he doesn’t complain, nor cause a ruckus within the locker room or off the field for that matter.

When he’s called upon It’s evident that the players on that offense play even better when he’s in the game. Heinicke oozes energy and confidence displaying that when he makes something out of nothing which seemed to happen a lot this past season.

Taylor Heinicke put the Washington Commanders in control of their playoff hopes which dwindled as soon as Ron Rivera decided to bench Heinecke and start Carson Wentz in week 17 against the Cleveland Browns. They ended up losing to Cleveland 24-10 with Wentz at the healm.

The previous week the Commanders had lost to the New York Giants 20-12 with Heinecke as a starting quarterback. The offensive line completely collapsed and the last play of the game there was clear pass interference on the defense as Heinecke was throwing the ball into the end zone which was never called to tie the game. Washington got robbed.

That being said, Ron Rivera’s cluelessness was on full display and somehow seemed oblivious to what was actually taking place towards the end of the season as he did not realize the hopes for the Washington Commanders playoff run came to an end after they lost to Cleveland.

Rivera was taking questions from the media and didn’t even realize that that loss meant they were kicked out of the playoffs. How do you not know these things? Doesn’t every coach pay attention to where their team is supposed to be headed? How is this even possible?

Instead of sticking with the hot hand of Heinecke even with his losses, he was still 10 times better than Carson Wentz ever was in any game of the season, he screwed Washington.

Eric Bienemy

Washington should have already fired Ron Rivera, but with the news of Kansas City’s offensive coordinator Eric Bienemy being hired by the Commanders it provides him breathing room.

This will definitely be Rivera’s last season as the head coach especially if the offense somehow doesn’t take a step forward with Beinemy as the play caller on offense, gearing up the opportunity for Bienemy to shine and show the haters why they should have hired him 15 interviews ago as a head coach.

Heinicke is a free agent this year, Carson Wentz will probably be let go after his performance last year and they may go with Sam Howell who was there third string quarterback last year.

Howell started the final game of the season for the commanders defeating the Dallas Cowboys and all of their starters in week 18 26-6.

Depending on who Bienemy trusts with the football more, Washington May want Heinicke back as a starter in week 1 which may cost them $15 million if he’s looking for a contract similar to what Mitchell Trubisky got in Pittsburgh.

Here’s hoping everything works out as it should with Taylor Heinecke and Eric Bienemy, they have so much firepower on that offense with Dotson, McLaurin, and Robinson they can’t keep wasting it, but they will need to find outside help on that offensive line immediately if they want it to work.