So, what’s wrong with Russell Wilson?

The answer may be in what led the Seattle Seahawks to trade their former franchise Quarterback.

Wilson was an MVP candidate in the first half of the 2020 season and he threw a career high 40 touchdowns. The Seahawks season ended in disappointment with Russell Wilson struggling the second half of the season, ending in a home playoff loss to an injured Los Angeles Rams team.

Part of the issue with the Seahawks is that Russell Wilson and the Seattle coaching staff became frustrated with each other. Wilson’s ability to extend and generate big plays rivaled every other quarterback in the NFL. Russell Wilson never developed his short passing game, which is increasingly noticeable now that Russ has lost athleticism.

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Wilson seemed to irk teammates, especially those there for Seattle’s back to back Super Bowl appearances.

Wilson’s style of play at his peak, could be described as Mahomes or Rodgers like. The difference is that those QBs developed their short passing game. Wilson is learning how to play with new players, while trying to adapt his game to who he is now, not who he was.

Wilson should improve as he gets healthy and becomes more familiar with the players on the Broncos. This leaves us with us with one question:

Is the new version of Russell Wilson good enough?

The answer to this question depends on whether a person thinks Russell Wilson can re-invent himself or not, adaptability is key.

The main issue with Russell Wilson, aside from his decline in accuracy, is his inability to extend plays anymore, at least at the current time. Wilson looks noticeably slower and has looked hesitant in obvious scrambling situations, something that never was an issue in the past.

Russell Wilson has struggled immensely in 2022 and currently has a problem with his throwing shoulder. Wilson is completing less than 60% of his passes, which would be the worst completion percentage in his career.

Not to mention, Wilson’s Head Coach, Nathaniel Hackett, is inexperienced and it seems to be an additional problem for an inexperienced team, as they have frustration written all over their faces for the majority of this seasons games thus far whether they’re winning or losing.

The Broncos do not have a first or second round pick in the 2023 draft and they just signed Russ to a 250 million dollar contract. Denver can’t get rid of Russell Wilson, until the 2026 offseason.

The Denver Broncos need Wilson to reinvent himself immediately, if not they will have a “Russell Wilson” problem for the foreseeable future, and the backlash will be extreme especially by the home team fans.